Astro and Bale: We are the nerd maids.


Astrobright and Balecirithiel: Two nerdy friends starting a blog about their nerdy hobbies.

Our nerdy hobbies range from epic board games (Settlers of Catan, anyone?), to card games (think Magic: The Gathering), to video games, and beyond. And we’re going to be writing about it all. “Nerd Maids” is our way to embrace our nerdiness and share it with others. And post pictures of Astro’s cat. But mostly the first part, promise.

Astro is the more traditional “gamer”: she built her own computer, and owns several consoles: GameBoy Color, N64, DS, Wii and XBOX360. Bale is a book nerd that loves anything fantasy and absolutely everything Tolkien. Combined, we make the ultimate nerd duo. We’re going to be writing about what we love the most, and what we’re trying to get better at/learn more about.

We aren’t professional gamers or anything yet, but we’re excited to learn more and share everything with our readers. And if you know something you think we should, please share! Blogging isn’t all about the posters, after all. In fact it’s mostly about you, reading this right now. So thanks for giving Astro and Bale a chance.

Hope to see you around.

The Nerd Maids.


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