It all began with a SNES.

A handful of games from my collection.

A handful of games from my collection.

I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember.

My father bought a Super Nintendo when it was first released in the early 90’s. He spent countless hours playing ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’. To this day, my mom likes to joke about how a woman named Zelda nearly destroyed their marriage.

When I was old enough to hold a controller, my dad and older brother taught me how to play. Some of our favorites to play together were ‘Super Mario World’, ‘Donkey Kong Country’, and ‘Super Mario Cart’. However, most of the time they hogged the system and I ended up watching over their shoulders, mesmerized as they conquered level after level.

Needless to say, as I grew older sitting around and watching wasn’t cutting it anymore. So, for the Christmas of ’98, I asked my parents for the red Gameboy Pocket with ‘Pokemon Red’ (my brother asked for the blue version). I guess we had been really good that year, because we both got what we asked for. I spent the rest of Christmas break training my Pokemon and collecting all eight gym badges so I could take on the Elite Four.

Once I had my own Gameboy, my addiction only grew. Every time I saved enough allowance I would buy more games (along with Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies… I mean, it was the 90’s). ‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Pokemon’ were probably the two series I played the most at the time.

The Playstation was the next console my family got. I remember the day my dad brought it home, he spent hours playing ‘Spyro the Dragon’ while my siblings and I hovered around the tv and watched. The graphics on the Playstation amazed us! Playing ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ and ‘Final Fantasy VII’ are some of my best childhood memories.

At one time or another, my family has owned almost every major gaming console as well as various desktops that could handle games. I feel fortunate to have grown up with a family that placed a high value on relationships, but also knew that having fun was important too. And a lot of the time, that fun was had through gaming.

I love my Fam-Bam and I’m so happy they introduced me to video games at a young age. From my friendships to my interests, gaming has had a huge influence on who I am as a person.

Thanks for buying that SNES dad.

– Astrobright

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6 thoughts on “It all began with a SNES.

  1. I have awesome memories playing the NES with my dad and my brother when I was really little, too! My favorite was Super Mario 3– the three of us would take turns as we advanced each level. I didn’t really game much after that, but a couple years ago I bought a Wii and Lego Harry Potter– I know it’s super easy, but it’s a really great way to re-introduce super casual gamers to video games.

    • I couldn’t agree more. When I have friends over who don’t play video games, the Wii is always still a hit. A lot of games are fun and simple.

      Nintendo knows their niche, which is good because it opens the world of video games to people of all experience levels and ages!

      – Astro

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