Streaming headaches, successes.

streaming headache. windows in windows and windows.

streaming headache. windows in windows and windows.

Yesterday was a big day at nerd maid headquarters. We launched the blog, our facebook, our twitter and got our streams up and running.Or at least Astro did. She got hers up AND streamed an online version of Catan in less time than it took me to set mine up. My stream theoretically works, but I have yet to actually go live even though I worked on it for a good couple hours yesterday. And at the end of it I definitely needed a beer. (I settled for wine.)

Why was mine so much more complicated? Because I own a Mac. That I absolutely love, by the way. I am a Mac person, and Astro is a PC person. It’s already caused some chaos: Astro was convinced I wouldn’t be able to stream at all. Plus, she bashed my poor Mac pretty hardcore, and warned me that gamers will too. Whatever. Bring it on. I’m not a huge video game person anyways. But I have, in the spirit of our blog, agreed to stream a couple times a week. So that meant we had to figure out how to get streaming to work with my Mac.

Luckily, Astro found a really wonderful walkthrough I could follow by a guy named Mike Chambers. So I sat down yesterday hoping to get it set up fairly painlessly. And, for the most part, it went smoothly. (Thanks, Mike!) But it still made my brain hurt!

the clunky way to set up a stream on macs.

the clunky way to set up a stream on macs.

Before setting up my stream I didn’t really know ANYTHING about streaming. Now I know a lot more than I ever thought I would. I know PIP stands for picture-in-picture; I know what a bit rate is and how to balance it with my upload speed; and I know how to adjust how my stream output looks so it’s not just my desktop, which is much harder on Macs, apparently.

I’m glad I was the one to sit down and meddle through the process of setting up my own stream. It was long, I had a million programs running, I was constantly flipping back and forth among them all, and I had nobody to ask for help, but I did it!

I haven’t streamed anything yet, but my stream definitely functions and that’s a success story in my book. And I am prepared to stream: I downloaded Steam and bought Civilazation V (I used to love Civilazation II, so I thought it was a safe bet since I know nothing about current games). I just want to practice a little first. Oh, and I still need to buy a mouse. (Laptop, here.) But still, I’m nearly there, despite having a Mac. So suck it, PC people.

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4 thoughts on “Streaming headaches, successes.

  1. Sweet! Glad the article was useful. In general, streaming on Mac is a little more CPU intensive than streaming on PC, so keep that in mind. It could be an issue if you are streaming CPU intensive games.

    • That’s good to know. I’ll definitely keep that in mind the first time I stream, and when I’m trying to figure out the best balance of video quality and my upload speed. (Look, I learned all that from your article!) Thanks again! – B

  2. Sakst82 says:

    I was thinking about learning how to stream so I could stream magic online drafts, but it seems like a huge hassle so maybe I just won’t. Or maybe since you’re a pro now you can just come set it up for me? :p

    • haha. I only know what to do for macs. So unless you have a mac I probably wouldn’t be much use to you. But it is much, much easier for PCs to set up. (And if you needed help, Astro knows how now!) You should definitely stream… I’d watch! 🙂

      – B

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