Why Bale blames Astro for her Magic addiction.


Bale thinks about her next move.

Over the summer Astro convinced me that buying one pre constructed Magic: The Gathering deck would provide hours of entertainment. She was right of course.

That $18 dollars was well spent — we’d play all the time. Often, we’d go to our favorite coffee shop and set up a game. And the day we bought them we even set up a game in the middle of the food court at the mall. We seriously played with our decks everywhere, and Astro would always beat me.

Things have changed a bit now. I’ve beaten her a few times now, and I definitely know more about the current set than Astro does. (That’s not really saying much, but it’s something!)

The pivotal moment was in November: We both had a Friday night off, and we decided we’d take the leap and go to Friday Night Magic at our local gameshop. It was incredible. It didn’t matter I lost all but one match. I was learning more about Magic than I could have imagined. And I was meeting some great people while I was at it.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited afterwards. I wouldn’t stop talking about it for days. And it hasn’t changed much since.

But it’s all thanks to that silly pre-constructed deck Astro convinced me to buy on a whim over the summer. Astro is the reason I got into Magic, even if I did play with my brother when I was little. She reintroduced me to it, and that’s why I blame her for my “addiction”. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love the idea behind Magic. I love the thinking and strategy behind it. I love the artwork on the cards. I love that cards can combine to make some crazy shit happen. And I love that no matter how good you are, you can get better. It’s the ultimate nerd challenge. Plus there’s even stories behind it! EVEN BETTER.

There is so much I don’t know about Magic, but I can’t wait to learn. I already know a million times more than I did when I walked through the door into that first FNM, and I am excited to find out more! Nothing can stop me.

As Astro said, “I’ve created a monster!”.

It’s true. And it’s all her fault.

All for now,

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6 thoughts on “Why Bale blames Astro for her Magic addiction.

    • We are too! We’ll be at our local comic shop for the pre-release on Friday :3

      Expect a full report on best/worst-dressed of the evening, as well as who brought which designer backpack and or satchel.

      … Just kidding about that last part …

      – Astro

  1. Sakst82 says:

    That picture made me smile because it’s EXACTLY the same face you make while you’re trying to make a tough decision mid-game. I’m curious what pre-con deck you were using? I started in a similar fashion, with a pre-con, mine was blue/red from morningtide/eventide with Cloud of Dominus being the all star! To be honest I’m surprised you won even one match your very first night, that’s quite impressive! And you’re learning more quickly than anyone i’ve seen. You’ll have your first top 8 in no time!

    • We bought the Mirrodin Besieged: Mirromancy deck. It uses Galvanoth as the main card, and has lots of burn spells in it. It was definitely fun! Your deck sounds fun too — I just looked up the clout of dominus card, and it seems like it could be neat to play with.

      And yeah, it was really exciting that I won. It went to game three and I think I was about to die, but I somehow managed to kill him first! We’ll see about making it to top 8 😉 – B

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