Streaming is a thing that people do.


Up until about two months ago – I had no idea what streaming was. For those of you reading who still don’t know what streaming is, allow me to explain:

People record themselves playing video games live so other people (thousands, and millions of other people) can watch.

That’s right, you heard it here first: People enjoy watching other people play video games.

If you’re not a gamer, you might not understand the appeal. The best comparison for non-gamers I could come up with is sports. It’s essentially the same as watching [insert favorite sports team here] on tv. Or catching a highlight reel of a game you missed (and yes, streamers create highlight reels). Some streams even involve a team element depending on the game you’re playing.

At first, I couldn’t believe how BIG streaming was, and yet, how under the radar it was (at least to me). I mean, I’ve been playing video games for my entire life and I had heard of streams before, but I had no idea such a large community existed.

Once I started watching more streams, I began to understand the appeal. There’s a soothing aspect of watching streams. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to watch my dad and my brother play video games.

January 19, 2013 was the launch of the Nerd Maids enterprise. While we spent most of the day getting our blog running, part of the day was also spent setting up our streaming accounts.

I’m using Open Broadcaster software (which you can download for free here), a non-fancy Logitech web camera and mic, and an online streaming site called Twitch.

The  Open Broadcaster program was a tad confusing at first, but after I had the boyfriend show me how to make my stream look pretty, I started to understand some of the “behind the scenes” of streaming.

My first stream was of me playing an online, knock-off version of Settlers of Catan called Xplorers. It’s my favorite board game, so I figured it was a good way to kick off my stream.

A screen grab of my first live stream.

A screen grab of my first live stream.

If you feel like watching (you probably shouldn’t, I lose the game) you can check it out on my Twitch channel.

There were quite a few glitches with my first stream, but it was a really fun experience and I’m looking forward to doing it more. My goal for now is to stream at least twice a week. We’ll update @nerdmaids on Twitter when we stream, so if you are interesting in watching me or Bale live, follow us!

– Astrobright

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