Gatecrash till we crashed.

Our LGS mid-prerelease. So much Magic!!

Our LGS mid-prerelease. So much Magic!!

Now that we’ve recovered, and have caught up on a little sleep we’re finally blogging about the Gatecrash prerelease.

It was our first prerelease, and we both did OK considering that we’d never participated in a sealed tournament before.

Bale went 2-3-1 and Astro went 1-4. Astro dropped after the fifth round because it was ridiculously late (or early) and she wouldn’t get any prizes… if  Bale had won her last match she might have gotten something. So obviously she stayed.

Both of us went Boros — we figured it would be straightforward and fun. We were right. Astro pulled a lot of commons she could use and a couple of uncommons,  and several rares but no mythics. For her deck (which you can find here) she ended up running several rares, including two Foundry Champions. Her strategy was the typical Boros strategy: attack as much and as fast as possible. But after she got demolished by her first opponent he helped her figure out that should splash some green for a few really strong Gruul cards. After tinkering with her deck, Astro went on to win her next match and kept the rest pretty close.

bomber corpsAt one point during the night, Astro was able to get both her Bomber Corps out and another creature in order to use the Battalion ability. The Bomber Corps Battalion deals one damage to target creature or player, which doesn’t sound like much, but when you want to get rid of a creature on the field before even attacking, it’s pretty nice to have.

Bale pulled the Dimir legendary mythic creature, which was not helpful but cool, a couple shock lands (including the Boros one) and two Assemble the Legions. Unfortunately, her packs were very creature-light, so she ended up only running 11 creatures in her deck (found here). Her strategy was to live until she could play her bigger spells and then crush them. It was definitely a slower deck. Two of Bale’s losses were against other Boros decks because she couldn’t keep up. Bale also got some help building her deck — she thought about splashing black for a few more creatures, but (with help) ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it.

Assemble the LegionBale won the first game of match five with her Assemble the Legion enchantment. She’d gotten it out a couple times, but this was definitely the most effective. It was late game, and her opponent was still at 18 life (she was at 1), and had a ridiculous creature with massive counters on it. Luckily, she’d had Assemble the Legion out for five turns and an Act of Treason in hand and a couple more creatures on board. Basically, Bale was able to swing for lethal 26 damage by stealing her opponents big creature, and having a million 1/1 hasty soldiers on board. It was epic.

It was surprising how fast the night went. Since we didn’t even get our packs until midnight by the time the first few matches were done it was already 4 a.m.! And our LGS was so crowded there were two tournaments going on simultaneously. Both had to have six rounds, and they even ended up turning people away. We’d signed up early, which was the smart thing to do.

Midway through the night. Still running on the excitement... and CAFFEINE.

Midway through the night. Still running on the excitement… and CAFFEINE.

The energy in the game room was awesome. Everyone was excited to have new cards and be playing, and despite the late night everyone seemed to be having a good time. Later in the night, though, it seemed that the whole room was being powered by caffeine (or sugar). By the end, Bale was definitely dragging. The tournament didn’t get over until after 8 a.m., and the sun was fully up.

Overall, the experience was very positive for us. We are looking forward to going to more FNM events (whenever we can get off work) involving the new cards. We want to try out the other four guilds! Since this will be our first set we are in from the start, we’ll have the background knowledge every time we draft. Soon we may even be able to play in a standard tournament.

Till next time!

– The Nerd Maids


7 thoughts on “Gatecrash till we crashed.

    • yeah, Assemble the Legion was helpful for both of us… it creates so many token creatures! And we’re glad you didn’t cry too much, it is supposed to be fun after all! 🙂

  1. makeupandmagiccards says:

    Nice! I really wanted to play Boros but got there too late (I’m blaming the wine from the night before), so I played Dimir instead. It would be great to try all the guilds 🙂

  2. Sakst82 says:

    Hey great read! I loved how your had links to your deck lists. That’s amazing you dealt 26 points of damage in one swing, and it’s even more crazy you were at 1 life point yourself! Hope you can make it to a draft soon

    • Sometimes Magic is just as much about luck as skill… I’d like to think that move was a little of both. And thanks! We figured it’d be cool to show our decks off a bit… plus tapped out is a really neat site.

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