Sometimes the comic chooses the nerd.

Over the weekend Bale and I (and a few other friends) went on a road trip to Minnesota. Bale talks more about the trip in her post.

While we were in downtown Minneapolis, we stumbled across this little comic book shop and decided to check it out.

Having been in one or two comic shops before, I felt like this particular shop had a really good vibe.

The dude who was working was very helpful. I sort of felt  like I was in Ollivanders wand shop when he fluttered around his shop looking for the comic that would be the perfect fit. Does the comic choose the nerd? Anyways, he grabbed us 5 or 6 selections and out of those I picked out ‘FABLES Legends in Exile’ written by Bill Willingham. The art was really cool, but it was the concept of the comic that drew me in.


My copy of FABLES: Legends in Exile.

FABLES takes place in modern-day New York City. The story is about fairy tale characters that were driven out of their Homelands and forced to live in our world. Ever since I was young, I’ve had a deep love of fairy tales. When I was a teenager, I loved reading “spin off” fairy tale novels. It seemed very fitting that I should kick-off my comic collection with something I’ve liked for a long time.

I finished reading this first volume of the FABLES series last night. I believe it includes the first five comics that were released beginning in 2002. The story was intriguing from the first few pages — mainly because the reader already  knows the back story of the characters.

Snow White and the Bigby Wolf are the two of the main characters in this volume. White is the Director of Operations for the Fables (the term used for fairy tale characters) that now live in NYC. They have a magical apartment building, called the Woodland which serves as the headquarters for Fabletown (their new society on Earth). Many of the “humanoid” Fables live in the Woodland. The animal Fables (think: the three little pigs) live on a farm upstate and aren’t allowed to venture into the human world. There is one rule that all the Fables need to live by: don’t reveal the truth about who they are.

Bigby Wolf is a down-trodden security officer for Fabletown. The story starts off when Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk, comes running into Wolf’s office and reports that he thinks his girlfriend, Red, has been kidnapped or murdered.

Wolf gets to use his best investigative skills to solve the mystery of Red’s disappearance — with a little help from Snow White.

Throughout the comic you are introduced to several well-known fictional characters: Beauty and the Beast, Old King Cole, Bluebeard the pirate, Prince Charming, and even Pinocchio. My favorite aspect of the comic so far is seeing how these characters deal with living in our world. Beauty and Beast have money troubles; Prince Charming is a con-artist who pries on woman; and Pinocchio just wants to grow up.

A lot of questions about how these characters ended up here, and how they are all “frozen in time” are answered in the dialogue. There is a lot of depth to the story, and I can see it going in many directions in future volumes.

I’m definitely going to keep reading this series, I loved it! It truly was the perfect starter for someone who knows very little about the vast world of comic books.

Till next time,


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes the comic chooses the nerd.

  1. Great choice — Fables is consistently awesome. Volume 1 down, only 17 more and a number of equally cool spin-offs (and a prose novel) to go! (Welcome to the world of comics . . .)

    The Vertigo imprint from DC is a great place to start getting into comics, even if you just stay within that brand there’s a lot of amazing, award-winning material that stands on its own without having to try to follow dozens of characters and intertwining plots. I recommend checking out their ‘First Taste’ and ‘First Cut’ sampler volumes, which are super-cheap books that reprint the first issues of several different titles, so you can easily try different things out.

    And I’m glad there’s still shops out there that are accomodating and helpful to newcomers, not like the dingy what-are-you-doing-in-here sausage-fests in this neck of the woods. I’m not sure what the nerd version of ‘Dueling Bangos’ sounds like, but it should probably play when you open the door . . .

    • Wow – sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

      I’m really excited to have a comic I know I like and I’m excited to get the next few volumes.

      Thanks for the suggestions on the sampler volumes. I didn’t even know such a thing existed – but it’s a pretty good move on the publisher’s part.


  2. I only saw this today on Polygon, but Telltale is creating a Fable’s game. It won’t be called ‘Fables’ for some reason, but if you like the series, you should keep an eye out for it.

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