Magic is just plain awesome.

You might know why I love “The Lord of the Rings” and that Astro and I bonded over that love. And you (hopefully) know that she is also to blame for my Magic addiction. You also may remember what I initially said about why I love Magic so much :

I love the idea behind Magic. I love the thinking and strategy behind it. I love the artwork on the cards. I love that cards can combine to make some crazy shit happen. And I love that no matter how good you are, you can get better. It’s the ultimate nerd challenge. Plus there’s even stories behind it! EVEN BETTER.

But there is definitely more to it than that. Obviously that’s a big part of it, but even since I wrote that a few weeks ago I’ve come up with several reasons why Magic is so wonderful.

  1. You get to meet all sorts of people. At our LGS, there is a huge variety of people I’ve met that I probably would not have met anywhere else.  I’m taking a chance by saying that might be the case at other LGS’s as well, but I think it probably is. There is a very social aspect of Magic that you don’t get through necessarily get through other forms of gaming… I think it’s because Magic is appealing to anyone with an active imagination.
  2. You get to use your imagination. . Deck building is fun because decks can have very different characters and feels depending on what colors you use, what cards you use and more. It’s all up to you!
  3. You don’t have to be good to have fun. I’m not that great, but I still have a blast because I love learning about how cards interact. I (usually) don’t mind being beaten, especially if the other guy has a really neat combo deck or uses cards in a way I never would have thought of.
  4. Kitchen table Magic is as fun as FNM. Yes, official events are fun. But I’ve had a lot of fun playing with Astro, and some of the people I’ve met at FNM, just casually. We’ve team drafted, played multi- player and even added a twist to the game called Planeschasing. And when you aren’t at a sanctioned event, it’s definitely easier to ask for help. I’ve learned a lot both at FNM and just playing with friends.
  5. Magic is… magic! 
My trusty deck box, dice and some shiny cards. All matching of course ;)

My trusty deck box, dice and some shiny cards. All matching of course!

Seriously. Magic is whatever you want it to be. You can just be a casual player or take it to the extreme. You can play it only online, or you can play with the cards. You can play it with your friends, or you can play it with competitors. You can be really serious about collecting valuable cards, or you can just play with them. And if you’re like me, you make sure all your protective sleeves, deck boxes and dice are color-coordinated. Or you don’t have to have any at all.

And you can even blog about Magic. 😉

It’s a wonderfully versatile game, and that’s what makes it so great.

All for now,

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4 thoughts on “Magic is just plain awesome.

  1. Sakst82 says:

    The social scene of our LGS is a unique friendly nerdy environment I’m proud to be a part of every Friday night! Most of my friends in Iowa are from magic in one way or another 🙂 Point number 4 I’ve been realize a LOT more lately. We just did a 4 person draft tonight and used the “Archenemy” theme deck to play 3v1. The single player gets a powerful second deck of “scheme”cards. It was really fun! As for your third point, I wouldn’t know. 🙂

    • The archenemy game sounds like a blast! But yeah, obviously sanctioned events get you points and stuff, but I just love playing… especially with my friends! Plus I have the added bonus of usually learning something from them, since they’re better than I am. And I’m sure at SOME point you could have related to point three! 😉 – B

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