FNM Recap: March 22


I picked the Thrull Parasite over Enter the Infinite, and ended up running a pretty freaking awesome Orzhov deck. Lost one match by not throwing back a hand that really needed it (two swamps and several two drops that needed plains). Lost the second match to assemble the legion and bad draws. But it’s all part of the game, right?

I’ll be honest: Last night I wasn’t too happy with my playing. My deck was awesome, but I made several mistakes that I don’t feel like I should have made. I’m usually fairly aggressive when it comes to mulligans, but for some reason in my second match I spazzed and kept a pretty much unplayable hand. I also had several good cards in my sideboard that I kept being debating about putting in/ taking out. As a result I asked for advice when I probably could have trusted my gut. It didn’t cost me any games, but I realized I am getting to the point where my deck building is fairly strong, and getting advice from other players might not be the best idea anymore. Or if I do, I shouldn’t just take their word on things, I should think about it myself.

The deck listed here is the deck I ended the night with. At one point I had both Angelic Edicts in and Aerial Maneuver instead of the Executioner’s Swings. I also started the night playing the Shadow Alley Denizen over the Gutter Skulk, which I think I liked better. At one point someone suggested I should take out the Vizkopa Guidmage, and I actually did. Luckily, I didn’t lose the match I played without it, and as soon as I put it back in it won me a couple games — once you can pay for both abilities, it’s pretty powerful, especially when you give the 4/4 Angel from Urbis Protector lifelink. I wish I’d had a chance to cast Grisly Spectacle, but I never drew it. (That card is so good, most of the pros at the PTQ in Pittsburgh said it was the best card to open in a sealed tournament, and I got it really late in the draft!).  The Merciless Eviction saved me from Assemble the Legion once, but the second time my opponent cast the Legion, I was not so lucky.

Overall, last night was fairly successful for me. I’m proud of my winning record (2nd week in a row going 3-2 and getting 14th place and this time I actually played for all three wins!), and I know my drafting skills have gotten a lot better, especially lately. Hopefully I keep getting better!

All for now,

What cards would you have played from my sideboard? Would you have changed anything? 


4 thoughts on “FNM Recap: March 22

  1. justin reynolds says:

    Sounds like a really good deck. I’m not a huge fan of the guildmage, I never seen to have enough lands out to use both functions. Hopefully I can get back to dsm for magic soon.

    • It is definitely a mana-heavy move, but I survived long enough to get there. Or at least I did when I needed to! 🙂 And yeah — you need to get out there! Way better than MTGO 😉

      • Orzhov seems to be the perfect guild to get into the later stages of the game considering the life gain of extort and the defensive creatures that go with it. I’ve never drafted an Orzhov deck but the guildmage seems to be a great way to close out the game. Not to mention it would be completely playable as just a 2/2 for 2 mana in this set.

      • Definitely. I had a couple really strong defenders, plus so much extort something had to go terrible wrong for me not to survive long enough to cast my high cost spells/ abilities. It was definitely important to have a way to end the game, too though, which the guildmage definitely helps with.

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