FNM Recap: March 29… I got packs!


Friday was pick a pack week for draft. I’ve only drafted pick a pack two other times, one of which was my first draft ever. The last time I did fairly well by drafting a strong blue-white deck. I went 3-2, and was really happy with it. But this week was even better: I got 7th place, which means I technically got my first Top 8 finish! But since there were only 22 people in the tournament the normal Top 8 prizes were only for the Top 4, so I only got two packs. Whatever… I’m still very proud of myself!

The draft itself was a bit awkward. I didn’t really know what color I wanted to draft besides blue until really late in the first pack. I picked up a few white cards before settling into red. I ended up getting some really good red creatures, so I was pretty happy with my decision. I was also exceptionally happy when I pulled Jace, Architect of Thought in my third pack — a planeswalker in my colors? Awesome!

There were a couple misplays throughout the night — I overextended on one attack with Teleportal, and I accidentally killed my Scourge of Geier Reach when I blocked with him  — but overall I was pretty happy with how I played. Last time I ran a planeswalker I was running an awkward blue-green-red deck to splash for Domri, and every time he got played I just got confused and didn’t really know how to take advantage of all his abilities. With Jace on Friday I just used his +1 ability (until your next turn, whenever a creature an opponent controls attacks, it gets -1/-0 until end of turn) and let people attack him instead of me, while I just attacked them. I never got to use his ultimate ability, but he served me well. My second pack, pick one was Talrand, Sky Summoner,  who produces 2/2 flying drakes every time its controller casts an instant or sorcery spell. I got to use him a couple times and, except for the game I overextended with Teleportal, he pretty much dominated once I got him out.

Basically my deck was just really fun to play and I’m excited I did so well. I had a great time, and I would have been content with just coming out with a good deck and a 3-2 record like the past few weeks, but I’m even more excited that I technically got my first Top 8 finish and a small prize. It was a good night.

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