FNM Recap: April 5

Stomping Ground, YEAH!

Stomping Ground, YEAH!

Sometimes things just don’t work, and you don’t get lucky. That was me on Friday.

I guess I was due for a terrible an anticlimactic night after my last few good FNMs. My first pick was my shock land, but I ended up playing those colors anyway. I made a questionable draft decision late in the third pack by picking a Burning-Tree Emissary over the Rubblebelt Raiders, but since I had five Disciple of the Old Ways, I figured Burning Tree would fit better in my deck. Plus I hadn’t ever heard anything about the raiders, and figured if it was really THAT amazing I would have. I asked around about the pick throughout the night, and the reactions were split… but I think if I had taken it I would have had more late-game options. I sided in my Giant Adephage later in the night, but never ended up seeing it.

And my night wasn’t terrible. I still learned a lot. As I’ve said before it really is OK to lose. The important part  is to take things away from your matches. I made some mistakes that I (hopefully) won’t make again. Once, I tapped all my red mana once and left a swamp untapped so I couldn’t make my disciple have first strike. I didn’t notice until I attacked, so my opponent blocked and killed it. Oops. Another time, I had two Disciples out and an Ivy Lane Denizen and I’d put one +1/+1 counter on one of my Disciples, and was debating whether to put a second counter on the one Disciple or put one counter on the other Disciple. It was a hard decision, and I ended up putting the counter on the one without a +1/+1 counter so I had two 3/3 creatures on board. However, with my opponent’s board presence (he had creatures that could block 3/3s easily) it probably would have been better to just create one 4/4. After the match I asked my opponent about it, and he said the 4/4 probably would have been better so I could have started getting some damage through.

I don’t think my deck was really that bad, but I also just got a little unlucky. I had bad draws, and got mana screwed a couple times and just couldn’t manage to win. But it was still a good night — I got to play magic!  And not all nights can be good. I am a little disappointed in myself that I dropped… but even though losing is OK, it still kind of stinks to be beat down match after match. And I didn’t have all that much fun playing my last match, so I figured it was OK to call it a night. Magic is supposed to be fun, after all.

And there’s always next week!

All for now,


2 thoughts on “FNM Recap: April 5

  1. davekay says:

    I’m really enjoying your series of articles on drafting, and I love the notepaper summary image at the start of each one, it’s great!
    Makes me wish I has somewhere near me to draft at.
    You’ll have good and bad drafts, and I’m glad you cover both. You can also practise against the computer on this site: http://draft.bestiaire.org/index.php

    • I’m glad you like the series! Writing the recaps really helps me learn from each week. Sometimes it’s frustrating going over my mistakes again, but I think it’s definitely helping. Or I hope so, at least! 🙂

      I’ll definitely try that site! Practicing is the only way to get better, after all.

      Thanks for reading!
      – B

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