FNM Recap: April 19… Last Gatecrash Draft!

I picked Wojek over the white primordial, and Mugging over the Boros guildmage. I opened Obzedat third pack, so I kept it, but didn't end up playing it.

I picked Wojek over the Luminate Primordial, and Mugging over the Boros guildmage. I opened Obzedat third pack, so I kept it, but didn’t end up playing it. Would you have made those picks?

I finally drafted Boros. It was the first Friday night I’d actually attempted to go Boros, and the last Gatecrash draft. I ran Boros during the prerelease, so I guess it was fitting to go out on Boros as well.

I ended up with a pretty awesome deck. I was very confident with my draft. I first-picked a Wojek Halberdier and immediately got passed a Truefire Paladin and another Wojek. I also managed to draft two Skyknight Legionnaires, two Muggings, a Madcap Skills and more! I couldn’t have really asked for a smoother Boros draft. There was only one other Boros drafter at my table, and he was on the opposite side. Both of us ended up with really strong decks. I’m happy I drafted Boros when it was open. I’d avoided drafting it most of the set because I knew it was pretty much always overdrafted.  But not on Friday! So going into my matches I was fairly confident. I think that made the night seem even more brutal than it actually was.

I got off to a rough start, losing my first match 2-0 to a good Gruul deck. I just couldn’t draw my creatures. I only triggered battalion a couple times, and once was because I used Act of Treason to steal my opponent’s good blocker as the third creature. It was a good move: It made my Daring Skyjek a flyer and I had a Skyknight on board, so I had five unblockable damage, and my opponent ended up trading with his own creature, which was great for me. But he continued to draw creatures, and I did not. Paired with his bloodrush I didn’t have much of a chance. I got mana flooded both games, which was just bad luck.

I won my second match, and my third. So I felt pretty awesome, especially since it was reaffirming my belief that my deck was really solid and could crush my opponents fairly easily. In my second match (against Dimir) I lost a game to the Duskmantle Guildmage, which was frustrating… but I shut him down fast in game three, so I was happy. My third match was over fairly quickly — my opponent didn’t seem to be drawing what he needed and I was. The second game was pretty close — he got me down to two using Skullcracks and his one creature. My board presence was really strong though, and even though he was at 14, I hit him for lethal using my battalion abilities and sheer power — he blocked one creature, but I was still getting through with 10 damage, so I used my one bloodrush creature (a Scorchwalker) to boost my doublestriker (Ordruun Veteran), so it went from dealing six damage to dealing  16. He didn’t really have much of a chance. (I probably should have just boosted a different creature, but hey — when was I going to get that chance again?)

My fourth match was frustrating — the first game was really good and close, but I lost. Then I got color screwed really bad in the second game. I had to mulligan, and ended up keeping a hand with two mountains, a Bomber Corps, a Madcap Skills and two multi-colored cards. Not bad, but I didn’t draw a single Plains all game. My seven mountains were really helpful though…

My fifth match was the most crushing though. I lost in two games. My opponent milled me out both times. The first time, he was at ONE life. I would have gotten him the next turn. The second time he was at FOUR life. I most likely would have gotten him the next turn. It was devastating, and I may have gone to the bathroom and cried a little. I wish I was joking. Stupid mill decks.

My last win was to an opponent who was dropping, but didn’t tell the judge. I like to think I would have won, but who knows. Since I had some free time, though, I ended up playing the judge and crushing him before his mill deck got a chance to kill me. It cheered me up a bit. Then we played two-headed giant with a couple guys, and my team won. We crushed them with a Boros Charm and a Glaring Spotlight, coupled with my super agressive deck. It was really fun.

Unfortunately, since I’m such a competitive person, it didn’t really help me get past the awful mill match or my terribly unlucky draws all night. OH WELL. I just have to reread my post on why it’s OK to lose, I guess.

All for now,



5 thoughts on “FNM Recap: April 19… Last Gatecrash Draft!

  1. Ah, Boros, so much fun! The Halberdier in your first pack was just a divine sign, which you luckily picked up on.
    How effective was Madcap Skills in your games? I’m considering to give it a prominent role in my Boros deck, but I’m not sure yet…

    • I got it on my Truefire Paladin once, and it was amazing. (That’s how my opponent that milled me out got down to four life.) During the THG game I put it on my Legionnaire, which was awesome. It just makes your creature hard to deal with, especially if they don’t have many creatures out.

      The only downside is that it sometimes means you get two for one’d. But my Truefire Paladin took both blockers with it, so in that case it was worth it.

      • That makes it sound like a good card. I should at least put it in my sideboard…
        Talking about the Paladin: did you use his activated abilities often? In my games so far (mostly against my friend’s Orzhov), I didn’t use them that often (only in late game when all my creatures were out and I had the mana to spare…)

  2. David McCoy says:

    How does a six-match draft work? I’ve only ever seen eight-person (plus/minus one) pods with three rounds.

    • Well it’s run by my LGS, and we all go and sign up and it goes six rounds if there are more than 30 people show up. The judge/ LGS owner then puts our names into a computer for pod arrangements, and we drat in pods of about eight. Then his computer does the pairings all night after we report to him with the outcome of our matches.

      So I don’t really know how we get matched up, we just look at the posting and go to our assigned table. It’s really fun because they’re so many people drafting.

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