FNM Recap — May 3 (Finally.)

propped up on one of the many boxes in my apartment.

propped up on one of the many boxes in my apartment.

Sorry for the delay guys, but I thought it would be nice to hold off for a bit since I won’t be going to Magic tomorrow night… which means there won’t be another recap for a while.

It’s been a hectic week — I’m going on vacation and moving all in the next week. I still had time for Magic though! And I’ve finally found the time to share with you guys my draft from last week.

As you saw above, my first pick was a Godless Shrine. There was no way I was going to pass a shock land. Especially cause it’s apparently even more rare to open them during Dragon’s Maze, and we were drafting triple DGM. That, by the way, was a mess.

While drafting I couldn’t decide which colors were open. I never got a clear signal because I don’t think anyone at my table knew how to draft triple DGM. I didn’t — I had practiced for the DGM-GTC-RTR draft set up. And with all the gates and cluestones getting passed around, practically everyone went four or five colors. I went four myself. It ended up OK. I had a decent opening and a strong late game.

My MVPs were definitely Gleam of Battle (which I took over Obzedat’s Aid), Jelenn Sphinx, Fluxcharger, Viashino Firstblade and Tajic (thanks, pack three). The combo with Gleam of Battle and the sphinx was awesome. All my attackers would get huge. I also played the Fluxcharger and got it to switch a few times. I had Blast of Genius, too, which helped me finish off an opponent or two, especially with my Fluxcharger out there.

My deck was really fun to play and I had a pretty good night. I went 3-3, yes, but it was a higher quality 3-3 than my recent nights. I started off 2-0 and was in the winner’s bracket, which is harder in general. So I was really proud of myself that I got such a strong start.

My third match was really close and went to game three, but I forgot to side in Wear/Tear against my opponent’s Unflinching Courage and couldn’t handle that very well. You live and learn. And since it was a decent match I thought I played well, which is all I can hope for.

Match four was my hardest match of the night — I got paired up against a 3-0 player when I was 2-1. And I always forget this guy’s name, but he is really, really good. I thought I had him game one — he was down to five or six and I had my Fluxcharger out and cast Blast of Genius. I discarded a four drop, and he countered it so he wouldn’t take the damage somehow (I forget exactly how…) and then he had the creature out that says “creatures your opponents control get -1/-1” so my Fluxcharger only hit for four. He came back and beat me, and then game two was over fairly quickly.

I did take the opportunity to talk to him about my playing, though. I have been paired up against him before, and we’d talked about how I was fairly new and he has been playing forever, so I figured it was worth asking what I could do better. He gave me this advice: try to bluff more. He could always tell when I didn’t have tricks up my sleeve because even though I had a defender out, I wouldn’t attack into his 1/4 with my 3/3 because I knew it wouldn’t do anything. His recommendation was to attack more and try to get an extra few points of damage in if I have a defender and wouldn’t need the other creature to block. Because even if I didn’t have any tricks, my opponent might think I do — why else would I be attacking into his 1/4 — and take the damage.  It’s definitely worth thinking about. He went on to be either first or second place that night, so I really don’t feel bad that I lost to him.

After that match my opponent’s match win percentage was ridiculously high — like 70 percent or something. That meant everyone I played was good. At that point I was 2-2 and had played some very good players, so I was still proud of myself. I got paired down for my fifth match and beat my opponent easily 2-0, and he ruined that percentage, but that’s OK.

My final match was close. It went to game three, and in the second game I got the Gleam of Battle-Sphinx combo out, with Tajic just to add to the damage. I even remembered to side in Wear/ Tear after I saw his Gruul War Chant. So when he pulled it out game three, I was actually able to play it. I thought I was going to be able to come back, but then on his turn he played ANOTHER one, and proceeded to kill me. Oh well.

I still got 14th place (so close to packs!), learned some more and played well. That’s really what FNM is all about, right? And next week, when we draft the full set, I’ll be prepared.

All for now,


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