FNM recap: May 31… Pick a pack makes my brain hurt.

Pick a Pack means lots of random cards… I had cards from Time Spiral, Mercadian Masks, Planar Chaos, Prophecy and more!

Pick a Pack means lots of random cards… I had cards from Time Spiral, Mercadian Masks, Planar Chaos, Prophecy and more!

I’ve only drafted pick a pack a couple times, including my first draft ever. The last time I did pick a pack I went 3-2, so I was pretty happy with it. I went 2-3-1 on Friday, and my deck was weird. It had lots of weird interactions, and cards from a wide variety of sets.

The draft itself was a bit janky. I opened Gatecrash-Dragons Maze-M13, and first picked an Orzhov Charm over a Simic Manipulator. My reasoning: Simic isn’t strong in the format it belongs to, so I didn’t know how it’d work out with all the random sets and I didn’t want to pick it and then end up with a weak deck. And the Orzhov Charm is very good removal, which is very important in limited. My Dragon’s Maze pack was not all that exciting, so I think I ended up picking a Tithe Drinker. To be honest, though, I don’t really remember. And I really don’t remember what I picked from my M13 pack (maybe I should start writing these things down…). But there were so many random packs at my table I felt a little overwhelmed. My strategy during the draft was just focusing on reading the black and white cards and passing the rest on. I ended up with some really good removal: the Charm, Doom Blade and a mass removal spell called Wave of Reckoning. I also ended up with some really strong creatures, as well as some just weird ones. I had a card that dealt poison counters, one that got spore counters, a card with flanking, a card with suspend and even one with exalted. It is pretty awkward. And my deck plays that way too.

I ended up 2-3-1, but most of my matches were fairly close and intense. My first match only went to game two. I lost the first one, but my opponent wasn’t able to kill me in time, so it ended up with her winning the match 1-0-1.  Awkward. My second match was over fairly quickly because my opponent got mana screwed. I also won my third match, but I couldn’t tell you much about it other than that my deck performed really well, using all its weird abilities to  work in my favor. My fourth match was the draw — I won game 1, he won game 2 and then we couldn’t finish game 3. I was OK with it though, because my opponent was a guy that always seems to put me on tilt. I don’t know what it is, but his play style really bothers me. And somehow he’d beaten me in every matchup, except for that one. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m able to control my emotions a little more now. Or I’m just getting better. I’m happy with either one, though.

I lost the last two, which was a disappointing end to the night, but I think I  just lost a lot of steam towards the end. My brain hurt from reading all my opponent’s cards and trying not to forget my various triggers. Unfortunately, I forgot them more than I’d like to admit. I forgot my Blood Seeker trigger in my first match and it may have lost me the first game: I had her down to 1 and I was at 3 when she top decked a Spark Trooper for the win. It was incredibly frustrating.

But the night was definitely  good FNM. I brought a friend with me who was visiting from Bath, England. Even though he didn’t really play much Magic before the draft I wanted him to see what I do with my Friday nights. And luckily, he had a good time. He won a match and drew a match as well, making his first FNM more successful than mine. And my friend K (who I’ve mentioned before as my #1 fan) did AMAZING and got 4th place. I might be a little jealous, but I’m definitely proud.

I’m excited to get back to drafting Dragon’s Maze this week, though, that’s for sure.

All for now,


2 thoughts on “FNM recap: May 31… Pick a pack makes my brain hurt.

  1. Aroni Hipperson says:

    Entirely agree. “Read the cards!”. I learned that it pays to check out spoilers before going into a pre-release. I went to the Avacyn Restored pre cold turkey and came out dead last (Most memorable event). I was attacking into soulbonded first strikers, putting my miracle draws into my hand and what not. Out of 64 players, I thought it was quite an achievement. Lesson learned:

    “Read the cards!”

    • Yeah, it definitely helps to know a little going into an event like that. I didn’t realize Hexproof still let you target your own creatures in the Dragon’s Maze prerelease, so I never enchanted my hexproof flier, which could have been a game changer. Oh well.

      Thanks for reading!

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