I’ve never been more excited for pick-a-pack.

It was a disappointing night, but I still had fun. And really, that's the most important part of a hobby, right?

It was a disappointing night, but I still had fun. And really, that’s the most important part of a hobby, right?

Last Friday was not a successful night. Again, I thought my draft went well, but the matches didn’t go as well as anticipated. But hey, at least I got to hang out with my friends, right? Good thing I wrote my last post before going to another FNM … it was a good reminder that Magic is actually supposed to be a FUN hobby, not something to torture myself with. So I still managed to have fun, even if my record was terrible. (And not entirely because of the bar down the street from my LGS, but it didn’t hurt 😉 )


Pack One — I opened a Shivan Dragon, which I was pretty happy about. I had to pass A TON of good removal, including Shock, Chandra’s Outrage AND Volcanic Geyser, but I couldn’t pass up on the dragon. I noticed pretty early that black was also open, so I got a few Liturgy of Bloods, and some other really strong black cards. Going into pack two I was pretty confident I’d be able to get plenty of good playables.

Pack Two — I opened another Scavenging Ooze. I was happy, despite not being able to play it. But again, I had to pass up some really good things I wanted in my deck, including more removal and a Blood Bairn. I’d picked up an Act of Treason in pack one, so I was really looking for some sacrifice outlets. Luckily, I was able to pick up a couple really strong creatures — including a Goblin Diplomats, two Corpse Haulers and two Academy Raiders — in pack two, in addition to a couple Altar’s Reaps.

Pack Three — I got incredibly lucky with my pack: I opened Liliana! I was already in black and I got the black planeswalker. So awesome. And even though she’s not the best, having a planeswalker in limited is very good. I also got some other good creatures to fill out my curve and top end, including some Minotaur Abominations, a Pitchburn Devils and a Regathan Firecat. I also got a Fireshrieker, which makes every creature better. I also passed a pretty late Bogbrew Witch because I didn’t have any of the combo pieces, but I did pick up a Guardian of the Ages.


I’ll go through these quickly — nothing too notable happened, and despite it being six rounds, I didn’t actually play two of them.

Match one (0-2) — The first game was close. I got ahead, but didn’t anticipate a main boarded Lava Axe, which ended up killing me. The second game was not close at all. I mulled down to six and kept a two land hand with a two drop and a three drop, but never actually drew a third land.

Match two (2-0, technically) — My opponent didn’t show up, so I got the win by default. I ended up playing a match for fun. My new opponent was playing a really strong Sliver deck. I won our match 2-1, but she faltered on mana both times, and I curved out perfectly. It was great. The game I lost was frustrating — I wasn’t dead on board, but could have killed one of her three Blur Slivers on board with a Liturgy. I didn’t, though, cause I was at 14 life, so I didn’t think it would really make a difference — even if I killed one all her slivers would still have haste. The next turn she played Battle Sliver and got through a lethal alpha because she still had all those Blur Slivers. Oh well, it was just for fun.

Match three (2-1) — The first two games were won because one or the other of us had mana issues. They weren’t really games at all. In the game I won, though, I got out Liliana on turn four, which was satisfying. The third game was frustrating for me because my opponent was playing a fairly strong U/B control deck with lots of quality removal/ counter spells. Every time I tried to cast a creature I was pretty much unsuccessful. Then he played out Bogbrew Witch, which I used my Liliana to kill — he didn’t have the cauldron, but he had the newts and a Blood Bairn as a sac outlet. Then he cast Opportunity, followed by an Elixir of Immortality that he used, even though he wasn’t really in any danger of dying. As a result, he actually got to cast Opportunity again. There’s really no coming back from that.

Match four (2-0, paired against Steve) — I played well, but my deck just didn’t get there. Game one was long because we both stalled and kept drawing lands, but he got out of it sooner and was able to get rid of basically my whole board (a Corpse hauler, a Firecat and Guardian of the Ages) by using Flames of the Firebrand, attacking and then making me sacrifice my Guardian with Celestial Flare. The game was over pretty quickly after that. The second game wasn’t as good as the first, even though I got Liliana out. Again, I played well (as far as I can remember), but it just didn’t work out. After the match, Steve and I decided to go and drink some beer — neither of us was having a great night and as Nummy’s tweet pointed out, the best thing to do when on tilt from Magic is just drink beer. YEAH.

Match five (2-0, technically) — My opponent didn’t want to play, so he gave me the match. End of story. No playing for fun this time, since I went down to the bar to hang out with other friends who’d dropped/ weren’t playing the round.

Match six (0-2, technically) — I was pretty good friends with the guy I was paired up with, and since he’d been paired down and needed to win the match to make top 12, I gave it to him. Even if I won, I didn’t have a chance. We played for fun and he got it 2-1, but the game I won was really epic. I played my Shivan Dragon (that I hadn’t seen all night) out THREE TIMES. He kept killing it, but I brought it back with my Corpse Haulers. And when he played his not-as-awesome dragon, I was able to Act of Treason it AND sacrifice it with Alters Reap. It was wonderful.

So even though I had a crappy record, I still had a fairly fun evening. The games I won were good games, and so were most of the games I lost. It seems like I still haven’t gotten the hang of this set, so I’ve been thinking about drafting online. I think it could really up my game, and I might (MIGHT) even stream if I feel like it. I’ve been watching a lot of streams lately, and I think it could be fun. I don’t have a great set up, but I do have everything I need on my computer to stream since Astro and I thought we would at the beginning. Who knows though — I’m running out of steam on my three posts a week schedule already. But drafting online would be a really good way to improve my skills, and if I want to play well at the GP in Oklahoma City, I probably should. I’ll keep you guys updated, of course.

All for now,

How do you avoid tilting when playing games? Do you watch Magic streams or other game streams online? 



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