Addicted to Charmed.

Several years ago, one of my very good friends told me about Charmed. She said it was among her favorite shows ever, which meant it was almost as good as Gilmore Girls. This was high praise: She has most of the seasons of Gilmore Girls, and at the time we were working our way through them. But, since I was so engrossed in Lorlai and Rory’s world at the time, I didn’t give “Charmed” the chance it deserved.

Fast forward five or six years and I’ve just finished “Orange is the New Black” and am absently browsing Netflix. Up pops “Charmed” and, remembering my friend’s suggestion, I decide to give it ago.

Fast forward only a few weeks and I’m already mostly done with season two. Yeah. I’ve watched around forty episodes of “Charmed” in my spare time. Can you say addicted? At least my work (and MTG playing) hasn’t suffered! Although I have sacrificed a few trips to the gym. Oops.

Charmed is a fun show about witches, warlocks, demons and other supernatural beings. I love the idea that witches could live among us, so that’s probably what initially got me hooked. The three main characters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe, are sisters who came into their power after their grandmother died. They’re among the most powerful witches… ever. They’re “the charmed ones”, and they have “the power of three”.  And they’re pretty kick ass: Prue has the power to move things (telekinesis), Piper can freeze things/ people/ whatever she wants and Phoebe can see the future and the past. (She’s also pretty awesome at kick-boxing, since she didn’t want to be the only one without an ‘active’ power’.

The three of them fight various warlocks and demons in every episode, while dealing with day-to-day life. Each story is definitely entertaining, and usually I have no idea how the writers will be able to tie up all the loose ends by the end of the episode.  It’s just fun to watch. At least, everything I’ve seen so far has been.

I don’t know much about the show besides its characters and dramatic turns in the first couple seasons, so this post won’t be too detailed — I was going to look up more information about it, but Astro warned me that the wikipedia page was riddled with spoilers. And to be honest, I don’t even want to google Charmed because I don’t want anything ruined for me. (I really hate spoilers, and even finding the featured image for this post raised questions that didn’t need to be raised…) But considering the show started in the 90s, I’m amazed I don’t know more about it. Then again, I shouldn’t really be surprised… I’m pretty oblivious to pop culture, and was even more so back then.

But I can tell you my top five favorite things about Charmed, so far:

  1. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are all strong women who aren’t afraid to follow their dreams. Even though they have demons dogging their steps the three of them still find time to pursue their goals. They work hard, and they don’t give up… even when they really, really want to.
  2. They are really good people, but they have weaknesses too. The three of them are very human. As ‘the charmed ones’ they are supposed to protect the innocent and fight for the good side. But they aren’t perfect; they struggle with making the right decision as much as normal people would.
  3. The show is kind of an emotional roller coaster. Some might not view this as a perk, but I think it makes watching it more fun. I like it when I’m so attached to the characters I get emotional.
  4. The bad guys are creative. I’ll be the first to admit that each episode is pretty formulaic, but the foes the three of them need to vanquish are usually pretty interesting. One of my favorites so far was the demon of illusion — he was able to influence audiences of horror movies to make them rowdy and dangerous. And he figured out how to pull the killers from the screen to real life!
  5. It’s just fun. Charmed isn’t the most intellectual fantasy story, and it doesn’t take the much attention to detail to get the whole story, but it’s fun and enjoyable to watch. Which is what entertainment is for, right? 😉

Plus, it’s set in the 90s and early 2000s, so it is fun to look at the technology and fashion and see how much things have changed. I, for one, am glad the whole belly shirt fad is gone. I’m not sure I could pull that off as well as Prue, Piper and Phoebe can!

All for now,

What are some old shows you love? Have you discovered any recently?


One thought on “Addicted to Charmed.

  1. Sarah says:

    totally understand i used to watch charmed when i was a child im now 22 and i too browed through netflix and saw it and thought… hey why not have a look and see what i used to love about this so much. As an adult i think i love it even more i started watching it a few weeks ago i think i have a serious addiction lol and attempt to limit myself to 1 episode a day… which never alredy up to season 5!!! what is it that draws us in so badly? I love the relationship between cole and pheobe i think the writers are amazing.

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