2014: A new year, a new start, a better NerdMaids

New Year's fireworks above Pikes Peak.

New Year’s fireworks above Pikes Peak.

Alright guys, I admit, that break was much longer than I initially intended it to be. It’s been a busy few months, though, and I’ve gotten a lot of things done, and even more ideas written down.

November was actually filled with writing: I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time, which was a fun and rewarding experience. I didn’t quite get to 50,000 words, but I got really close at 44,000. By the end I was worn out and writing crap (or what I remember thinking was crap, I haven’t actually gone back and reread it), which wasn’t what I wanted to do. I know, I know, the first draft of anything isn’t great… but I have standards people! I’m both excited and nervous to start reading the story I came up with, and hopefully editing it to something presentable.

December was my true break from writing. And with the holidays and a trip to my parents, it was really busy but rejuvenating. It was truly a break from real life, and it was wonderful.

January, so far, has been very eventful. Canceled flights, car accidents and an apartment flooding started of the year for me and Astro. But, I won’t go into that here. Everything is fine now, and we’re both happy to be getting back to normal.

That also means I’m very ready to start fresh and get back into the routine of writing. NaNo proved that I enjoy writing everyday and it really makes me happy. I think the pressure of publishing something three times a week was what was holding me back before. I’ve also been doing fantastic at FNM, so I don’t plan on continuing my FNM recaps every week, opting for more general MTG posts with a little self reflection because I think I was thinking more about the blog at FNM than my matches… not really that great.

So, my plan from here is to post twice a week: once about MTG or board games or whatever, and once about my 52 weeks of cooking challenge. (More on that later. It’s going to be awesome, though!) Then at the end of the month, in an effort to keep up my reading, I’m going to post about the books I’ve read that month. A total of nine posts a month, which seems more doable than 12. I’m not going to set a day of the week for the posts, I’m just going to write them naturally. And I even have a couple ready to go, like my initial plan said. I’ve stuck to my word on that point.

The biggest change will be the shifting emphasis from my FNM recaps, which were previously the backbone of the blog, to a more general blog about my passions, most of which are still very nerdy. I’m very excited for everything I will be writing, and I really hope you all will be there for the ride.

All for now,


6 thoughts on “2014: A new year, a new start, a better NerdMaids

    • Oh yay! I was kind of unsure whether or not my old readers would be interested in cooking, but I decided just to go with it and see what happens.

      Thanks for coming back and reading! – B

  1. davekay says:

    I’ve done NaNoWriMo twice myself, and I have never gone back and edited what I wrote! I think there needs to be a NaNoEdMo in about February!

    • I think I’ve heard that some people do NaNoEdMo in December, but I bet you and Bale are right to think about waiting. And I too am very excited about the 52 weeks of cooking!

      • Yeah, I think letting the story sit for a while gives you more perspective. Or that’s what I’ve been telling myself! I’m glad you’re excited about the cooking… I think it will be really fun, both to do and to write about!

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