Jamaican? What?

This week’s 52weeksofcooking challenge was Jamaican, but I had no idea what to cook. Or even what constituted Jamaican cuisine, honestly. I googled it, and almost nothing came up that looked good… or that looked good AND within my capacity to make. Things like jerk chicken were a possibility, but I don’t have a grill. Meat patties were another option, but I didn’t really feel like attempting stuffed pastries again so soon after the pierogi debacle. And goat curry or oxtail soup just did not sound appetizing. Nor did turned cornmeal or porridge. But I wasn’t going to let myself skip a week of the challenge, so I was determined to find something.

While desperately looking for recipes that were both appealing and that I felt comfortable attempting, I found a nice little blog “Cook Like a Jamaican”, which shares family recipes that a mom is teaching her daughters. Each recipe even has a video! While perusing their blog, which had lots of things that I could see myself making, I found a couple recipes for drinks, and decided that since last week I did a dessert, it would make sense to follow it by making a drink. That narrowed down the choices considerably, and I ended up picking “Guinness Punch”. The other drinks were very summer-y, and I felt like anything with Guinness would be yummy.

Astro was one of my taste-testers!

Astro was one of my taste-testers!

The recipe is simple and easy to make (especially if you watch the video, complete with Caribbean-style music in the background). And it was very, very yummy.  Here’s the recipe I followed:

In Jamaica there are two drinks that are known to be men drinks. One is Irish Moss and the other is Guinness Stout Punch. It has been said is that both make a man more virile. I’m not sure how true that is, but that’s the story that has been passed on for generations.

Quite a few of you have requested this recipe so I thought I’d share the one that most reminds me of the stout punch of my youth. Because I used the lighter Irish Guinness draught stout, it isn’t as bitter as it is when using English Guinness stout, which is fine by me. So, if you prefer a stronger, more bitter flavour buy the latter when making this recipe. It uses 5 ingredients and it literally takes 5 minutes! Enjoy!


2 cups Guinness Stout (Irish)
3/4 cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
1 large Egg, beaten
10 Ice Cubes


1. Put stout, milk and spices in blender and blend on High
2. Add beaten egg and blend again
3. Add ice cubes and blend until smooth

Serves 3 to 4

Jamaican Guinness punch. Simple: just throw the ingredients into the blender and go!

Jamaican Guinness punch. Simple: just throw the ingredients into the blender and go!

I followed the instructions without any mishaps, mistakes or accidents, and it turned out great! There was a lot of it, too. Definitely enough for three to four people. It was easy to make, and delicious. The taste-to-effort ratio was very good, since it was so simple.

I’d highly recommend this treat, even if it’s not too healthy for you. (But, if the stories are true, it could heighten your virility 😉 )

All for now,


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